Studio HyHy is passionate about creating a unique and tailored design to specifically meet your needs. With a background in Visual Arts, we engage and experiment with your product to create a meaningful design. You can be sure that every element of your design has been carefully considered in its execution because we love the nitty gritty details, especially the paper!

Studio HyHy creates contemporary solutions through tactility, simplicity and an old-school design approach, so you can expect an authentic, crafted product.

We Design with Head, Heart and Hands
Head: Innovation, Understanding, Efficiency
Heart: Creative Flair, Passion, Intuition
Hands: Experimentation, Texture and Feeling


My name is Carli Hyland, I launched Studio HyHy in January 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I grew up in Australia and have spent the last seven years traveling between Europe and home. I have worked as a Gallery Coordinator, Graphic Design, Illustrator and Photographer. See more here: http://carlihyland.com